Nesting Baskets

Nesting Baskets

Nesting Baskets 13, 12, 10 inches in diameter

These beautifully uniform nesting sets of swing-handled baskets are superior for display or collecting. Choose between the large sets, practical for multiple uses, or the eye-pleasing gracefulness of the miniatures. In any size, these carefully detailed baskets have individually fitted whittled handles and are woven using only the finest splints. A nesting basket set is sure to be a welcome addition to any collection.




Nesting Baskets 13, 12, 10 inches $1,800

Miniature Swing-Handled Baskets

Nesting Set of all 6 miniature baskets (2″ to 5″ diameter)* $1,500
Miniature Nesting Baskets with Double-Swing Handles

Miniature Nesting Baskets with Swing Handles

*Sizes are approximate and do not include height of handle. Nesting sets must be ordered together.